E-18 Advanced ECG Machine

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With Embra’s innovation in ECG acquisition and analysis, the flagship ECG E-18 is a professional ECG system, delivering advanced functions and reliable interpretation to increase clinicians’ productivity. With the newly-designed sampling box, it facilitates to do a standard 12-lead ECG, and also easily conduct an expanded leads ECG examination of 15/16/18 leads with additional pluggable lead wires.

Available in 12-Lead, 15-Lead, and 18-Lead configurations.


The E-18 Advanced ECG Machine Features:

  • 15” color touch-screen
  • the water-proof keyboard
  • Flexible Storage Solution: 512M internal memory as well as USB/SD card external memory
  • The Light Sensor:The smart light sensor automatically changes the brightness of the screen according to the environment so as to protect users’ eyes
  • The Signal Quality Indicator: The three-color indicator enables users to identify signal quality of each lead simply at a one glance

The standard 12-lead and real 15/18-lead simultaneous sampling
The additional leads of V3R, V4R, V5R or V7, V8, V9 can be acquired simultaneously in E-18 with auto analysis and interpretation to confirm MI.

Long time sampling
10-1800 sec sampling, analyzing and storing capability breaks the limitation of sampling time insufficiency in certain cases and gives you much more flexibility in conducting examinations.

Color Identification of Arrhythmia
Users can quickly identify poor or missing electrode connections via color-coded ECG waveforms and lead map at one glance.

Event mark
The event mark function provides users an easy way of labeling ECG events during a long time sampling and handy reviewing afterwards through a segment list.

Advanced functions
Optional VCG/TVCG/VLP/HRV/Pharmacological Study are provided to help users further diagnose certain heart diseases which cannot be done utilizing normal 13-lead ECG.

This *insert unit here* is one of the premium diagnostic units offered by Embra Medical. We promise reliable reports, a range of trustworthy parameters, and accurate data algorithms while remaining affordable and cost-effective. Embra also provides a full range of parts and accessories to support our new monitoring equipment. Our primary focus is complete patient monitoring accuracy, and we designed our units and accessories to meet and surpass this high standard.

If you need help finding the correct unit for your specific needs, or need help ordering compatible replacement parts or accessories, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable customer service. We are happy to assist you in maintaining and prolonging the life of your unit!

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