EmbraMedical ECG/EKG Units

EmbraMedical ECG/EKGs

EmbraMedical offers a range of ECG solutions, including Resting, Stress Test, and PC ECGs. We know that every heartbeat counts, and want to provide comprehensive options for ECG products that fit your needs. Embra’s ECG devices support your diagnosis with reliable, accurate reports, satisfying the demanding needs of your practice. With different models targeted to different clinical uses, you can easily choose the best ECG for your situation.

These ECGs provide flexible configuration options to cover all your bases. Whether you’re in the market for stress testing, wireless ECG, a PC workstation, mobile ECG, or a resting ECG, Embra has you covered.

All our machines boast exceptional cost performance with accurate clinical performance and user-friendly design. Units have bright LCD screens with high resolution, and come equipped with advanced recording and data transfer. In addition, Embra carries parts and accessories to continue to support your unit through its lifespan, and are proud to offer service and routine maintenance to extend the unit’s life.

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