Blue Sensor R, Adult Foam Electrodes 48mm W/ Snap – R-00-S/25


The extra-large Ambu Blue Sensor R features a conductive wet gel, offset connector and a Ag/AgCl sensor that ensures stable signal quality. The electrode is suitable for short-term application and is gentle to the skin.

This purchase includes a pack of 25 Electrodes.

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Key Benefits

  • Offset connector mitigates the impact on signal quality from external forces like pulling of lead wires and pressure on electrodes
  • Offset connector allows the user to connect and disconnect the lead wire without applying pressure to the patient or the sensor area, which reduces the risk of gel spreading and adhesive detachment from skin
  • Conductive wet gel lowers skin impedance effectively and immediately
  • Wet gel optimizes contact between skin and electrode
  • Adhesive is gentle to the skin and suitable for short-term application
  • Ag/AgCl sensor ensures stable signal quality
  • Visible release liner can help prevent medical accidents for both users and patients

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