EmbraMedical MX Series Monitors

EmbraMedical MX Series Monitors

The MX Series monitors are some of the latest and most outstanding monitors on the market. These devices are clean with clear visuals to get the information needed as quickly as possible and smooth the workflow. These cutting-edge units are the next step for medical equipment.

The MX Series of Monitors includes:

The MX3 vital signs monitor allows for spot checks, continuous monitoring and introduces the new round mode. Users can enter new or previous patients into one group, take measurements of a single patient, save the data to an overall summary report for the ward, and then move on to the next bed. Patients can be color-coded depending on their status or score using the MEWS, EWS, and NEWS systems.

These monitors provide flexible configuration options to cover all your bases. Whatever parameter you’re in the market for, Embra has you covered.

All our machines boast exceptional cost performance with accurate clinical performance and user-friendly design. Units have bright LCD screens with high resolution, and come equipped with advanced recording and data transfer. In addition, Embra carries parts and accessories to continue to support your unit through its lifespan, and are proud to offer service and routine maintenance to extend the unit’s life.

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