EmbraMedical Pulse Oximeter Units

EmbraMedical Pulse Oximeters

The Embra P-100B Pulse Oximeter is a simple, universal tool for patient monitoring, for either spot checks or continuous monitoring. Monitoring data can be easily transferred to PC for storage, printing, and review. These Pulse Oximeters are designed to be pocket-sized devices, providing reliable data with maximum portability. Using AA batteries, this device can continuously work up to 48 hours.

Embra’s pulse oximeter supports your diagnostic capabilities with reliable, accurate reports, satisfying the demanding needs of your practice. This universal device offers an oximetry solution for a variety of clinical uses.

This unit comes with a variety of features:

  • SpO2 and pulse rate measurement
  • LCD display shows numeric and waveform of SpO2 simultaneously
  • Powerful data storage capacity, up to 100 IDs and 300 hours data storage capability for continuous monitoring
  • The latest 10 minutes trend graph and table of SpO2 and pulse rate can be reviewed in the screen
  • Audible and visible alarm capability
  • Long battery life – up to 48 hours on 4 AA
  • Unit comes with a carry case and standard reusable DB9 adult sensor. Disposable and reusable pediatric sensors or neonate wraps also available


Embra carries parts and accessories to continue to support your unit through its lifespan, and are proud to offer service and routine maintenance to extend the unit’s life.

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