Embra E-18 12-Lead Cables


This set of lead cables are for use with the Embra E-18 Advanced EKG Machine.

If you are looking for the cables required for the 15-Lead or 18-Lead configurations, you can find the additional required cables here or the kit containing this product and the additional cables here.

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These Embra E-18 12-Lead Cables is one of the accessories available for the Embra E-18 Advanced EKG Machine. We pride the Embra Medical family of accessories on being reliable and durable while remaining affordable and cost-effective. Embra offers a full range of parts and accessories for our premium, new diagnostic equipment. Our biggest goal is complete patient monitoring accuracy, and we designed our accessories to meet and surpass this high standard.

If you need help ordering compatible replacement parts or accessories, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable customer service. We are happy to assist you in maintaining and prolonging the life of your unit!

Embra Medical also offers ECGs, Vital Signs Monitors, Dopplers, and Pulse Oximeters. Each modality includes a variety of units tailored to different clinical environments and a range of parameters and add-ons. No matter what your need, Embra has a solution ready for you.

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