EmbraMedical Doppler Units

EmbraMedical Dopplers

EmbraMedical is proud to offer several ultrasonic pocket dopplers for vascular and fetal detection. Our innovative units offer superior performance for a great value. With excellent sensitivity, complete interchangeability, and high durability, these pocket dopplers are ideal for routine fetal heart detection. Units feature ergonomic design, easy-to-use interfaces, accurate FHR detection with clear sound, high-sensitivity interchangeable probes, long battery life, and lightweight, compact design. Our dopplers support your diagnostic efforts with reliable, high-fidelity sound. In the case of a test without a doctor present, units can record & play the test after the event. With different models targeted at slightly different uses, EmbraMedical presents options that will best fit your clinical practice.

These dopplers provide flexible feature combinations to cover all your bases.


Embra carries parts and accessories to continue to support your unit through its lifespan, and are proud to offer service and routine maintenance to extend the unit’s life.

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